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Retail Waste Solutions

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” retail waste solution.

Junk-It retail waste solutions

What you need to know about our Retail Business Services

Since our beginning, our goal at Junk-It has been to provide retail waste solutions for businesses of every size. We understand that your needs are unique to your business and budget, and we tailor a waste removal plan that works for you and your business.

Whether you have an office space,  retail outlet, or a merchandise warehouse, we offer affordable, reliable,  quality retail junk removal and waste disposal options that meet your needs.  For one-time pickups, we can often get to your location the same day you call!

Rest assured that Junk-It practices Eco-friendly disposal, and therefore make every attempt to recycle or reuse what we collect.

Contact Junk-It today, to discuss your retail waste needs!

Your Needs

Junk-It Solutions

Reliable and Prompt Service

You rely on a schedule that works around your business.

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee our Junk-It team will be prompt, courteous, and reliable.

Services Tailored to Your Business

You only want to pay for what you need. You want to be sure that you’re not being overcharged.

Custom Service Solutions

Junk-It will tailor our services to meet the needs of your business.

Trustworthy Customer Service

You want – and deserve – prompt, friendly, and helpful service. You want to focus on your business, and trust that business partners are reliable and affordable.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives are happy to answer any of your questions and schedule any services that you require.

Environmentally Conscious and Friendly Business Partners

You want to work with other like-minded businesses that consider environmental responsibility a priority. You trust that your business partners have the environment and your community in mind.

Commitment to the Environment and Community

Whenever possible, Junk-It will donate working and functional items to local charitable organizations. Junk-It recycles all possible refuse and debris, and responsibly disposes of what can’t be used or recycled.

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