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Dumpster Comparison

Junk, Debris and Appliance Removal Colorado and Florida

Dump the Dumpster and Call Junk-It!

Reasons Why You Should Choose Junk-It Over a Dumpster

Why get your hands dirty lifting, removing, loading, and cleaning up your space when you can have an able and insured Junk-It crew to do it for you? Junk-It covers all crew members in the areas of general liability, worker’s compensation, and auto insurance coverage.

  1. Our crew are covered in terms of general liability, compensation, and has auto insurance.
  2. Most states require permission to put receptacles in the side-streets.

Our Solution To Retail Waste Disposal

Your garage or stock room is occupied by junk or items that you no longer use and would not want to touch. Here are the reasons why:

  • you often change your interior design and furnishings in time with the change of seasons
  • your space is in an area with no accessible and proximate dumpster
  • you have people under you who are equally busy and preoccupied with their tasks.
  • items in storage have a limited shelf life; if you have multiple outlets, then this can become a serious disposal and removal issue.

How can we help?

Call Junk-It to help collect, remove, and dispose of items no longer needed for reasons such as:

  • Store renovation
  • Removal of furnishings, ornaments, and other materials
  • Store shut-down
  • Recycling job
  • Dependable junk removal that won’t slow down your store operations
  • Wide coverage area
  • Excellent client management and service handling

How is Junk-It beneficial to your operations?

We directly coordinate with your operations manager to take care of your disposal problem.

Complete Array of Services

Our crew will collect and remove your unwanted items wherever they are in Florida or the Denver, CO area. Your attentive Junk-It crew will even clean up your space to make sure that you will never know we were there!  This will give you more time to attend to your other priorities.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

Most retail waste can still be recycled. Unlike other removal options where there is no effort to salvage items, Junk-It will attempt to recycle and even donate those items which can still be beneficial for others. We can even send you a report on the percentage of the items that we were able to salvage, at your request.

Affordable Services

We have a National Accounts program that ensures we offer the same brand of quality service everywhere, while trying to be effective and economical with your time and resources.

Why go through the hassle of trying to do it all yourself? Call Junk-It today for all your disposal needs and, in most instances, the job can be done on the same day!

Contact us today with any questions, or to schedule services!

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