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About Us

TruckExperience an entirely new level of customer care when you become a valued and appreciated client at Junk-It. Serving the whole State of Florida since 2000, and now serving Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas, Junk-It is a leading and affordable specialist in removing junk from residences, commercial properties, companies, and everything in between.

Junk-It believes in quality customer service. The simple act of treating clients fairly, while responding to their requests promptly, are the very core functions in our line of work. We take it very seriously that these requirements are met in the fastest and most affordable manner for our clients. We know that junk removal isn’t the preferred task of most people. That’s why we deal with it for you, removing bulk junk, construction debris, unused appliances, and other unnecessary items that are just taking away space from your property and living space.

Let us provide you with a quick an easy quote. See just how simple our junk removal process is, and if you have trash, junk, and unwanted items that you want removed, we’re the company to call! Contact us today!

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